PROTECTIVE PLUS provides the preventative maintenance and disinfection of the instruments used in all medical and dental fields. It prevents the devices from getting worn and allows their joints to function comfortably with its medical grade white oil content. This oil film covers the surface effectively and prevents the contact with air and moisture. It does not leave any residue on the devices.

The solution is used by being diluted by 2% in automatic washing machines and manual use. Biorad®Protective Plus emulsion which is ready-to-use in washer disinfectors or immersion baths is discharged in sufficient amount (100 ml in 5 L of water). All the instruments to be protected are immersed to remain completely inside the emulsion. Medical, surgical and dental instruments are allowed to dry after being taken from washer-disinfectors or immersion baths. The instruments can be delivered directly to sterilization after this procedure, if necessary. It is sufficient for the treated instruments to be disinfected with any disinfectant solution when they will be used again. The solution is recommended to be replaced when visible contamination occurs.

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