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necmlogo kurumsalNecm Kimya has adopted the principle of offering innovative and quality products to its customers since 2005. Necm Kimya, the manufacturer who has the most advanced chemistry and microbiology laboratories in Turkey, is at the service of humanity in the fight against microorganisms with its registered BIORAD® brand.

Necm Kimya has GMP, ISO 13485, CE 93/42 EEC, Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA), United States Ministry of Health FDA approval, American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certificate, Germany  The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) and It provides service with its product portfolio that includes the Biocidal License documents of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.

BIORAD® branded products are used in every hospital in Turkey as well as in Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and many other European countries, the USA, the Middle East. Also  It has been used safely in many of the Turkic republics for years.

All disinfectant and antiseptic products produced by Necm Kimya under the BIORAD® brand have an important place among their competitors with their internationally valid independent laboratory clinical reports.

With all these qualities, Necm Kimya is one of the few leading disinfectant and antiseptic manufacturers in Europe.

Necm Kimya is taking firm steps towards its goal of being one of the top 5 disinfectant manufacturers in the world.


Vision & Mission

Necm Kimya has undertaken the mission of providing hygiene for a healthy life with the vision of being a company that is sensitive to the environment and cultural values, produces quality works and creates value in the light of reason and science for its customers, consumers, employees and the communities and communities in which it does business in Turkey and in the international market.

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